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We help Problem Solvers and Visionaries build the right technology tools to simplify the work life of people they care to serve.

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We believe that the most productive organizations generally have the right tools that sometimes must be custom built to help their talent surpass overall business goals. We don't build just to build. We build to solve problems.

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Innovia Wireless Education

If the internet fast tracks big data from every inch of the globe, then it is Wi-Fi that ultimately connects us beyond our physical spaces: mobile hot-spots, downloads, streaming, and all kinds of digital social interaction-on-the-go. Education isn’t any different. How much time is wasted moving an entire class to a computer lab? Experts believe […]

Innovia Contingent Staffing

IT staffing for peak performance workplace can be unpredictable. We understand that companies need to address certain problems, succinctly and immediately and today’s workforce is a diversified stream of multiple timetables, payrolls, shifts. Probable, possible, full-time, and part-time human talent aren’t easy to find. Staffing companies and headhunters are often expensive, necessary options that sometimes […]

Innovia Consulting Group: On A Mission To Do Good

The Innovia Group is a Workforce and technology solutions provider with the goal of bringing sophisticated solutions to budgets of all sizes and doing some good along the way. We’ve had success in various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, education, and government. We deliver IT solutions from start to finish. We recruit the best and […]

Who Is The Innovia Group?

The Innovia Group is a leading Custom Software Company that helps companies, non profits and government entities of all sizes create and use technology solutions to improve efficiency and/or effectiveness.

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Introducing The Innovia Lab

The Innovia Lab is a unique start-up platform designed to help non-tech founders build tech solutions for problems in industries they have experience in. Get the guidance and resources needed take your startup to the next level.

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The Innovia Approach To Custom Development


    What do you want to build?
    For who? And what will it do?


    Figure out every feature
    you need and those you don’t.


    Bring your ideas to life with
    something you can see and use.


    Built on a transparent schedule
    so it’s complete on time every time.


    Ensure each feature works as well
    as you want it to before launching.


    Share what you’ve built with the
    people who need it.


    Keep your creation improving
    with live feedback from users.

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