Innovia Wireless Education

Innovia Wireless Education

If the internet fast tracks big data from every inch of the globe, then it is Wi-Fi that ultimately connects us beyond our physical spaces: mobile hot-spots, downloads, streaming, and all kinds of digital social interaction-on-the-go. Education isn’t any different. How much time is wasted moving an entire class to a computer lab? Experts believe this is a huge drawback in the classrooms of old ( ). Not only is continuity and momentum lost in terms of instruction, but the clear separation between learning environments can be a tug on the enthusiasm and attention span of young learners.

Keep the party going!

Wireless connectivity is communication and learning beyond the lecturer at the front of the classroom. It is conducive for learning environments that are flexible, empowering for teachers, students, and parents alike.

The Innovia Group can support all of your classroom efforts to integrate education software and new technology into your curriculum. Tablets, netbooks, and mobile interfaces are revolutionizing K-12 education in ways that not only engage young learners but allow instructors to try new learning techniques to maximize instructional time. It allows instructors to disrupt the learning environment so that students aren’t confined to traditional modes of receiving information.

The lecture is as old as the chalk board.

Information outside of the classroom streams from every news and entertainment platform. Mobile technology with wireless infrastructures allows students to engage in functional learning with tools that are already being utilized in work environments. Children adapt to technology as fast as new tech-infused environments will allow in either a self-paced mode or enhanced by the sophistication of education software compliant with Common Core.

Four reasons for enhanced wireless in classrooms and schools:

  • Devices that use wireless tech are more affordable than maintaining a computer lab
  • Students learn to be responsible with using technology
  • Students take ownership and become self-paced learners
  • Promotes a learning community that involves parents, students, teachers, and administrators in a way that is efficient and organic

Let The Innovia Group be your technology partner in preparing and maintaining wireless learning environments for the future. Silicon Valley tech firms use abstract, cordless work spaces for innovation; the leadership removes boundaries in order to pushes the imagination envelope to create practical applications for the next big dream.

Let’s dare to dream in school. Let the dream begin with The Innovia Group!

Innovia Contingent Staffing

IT staffing for peak performance workplace can be unpredictable. We understand that companies need to address certain problems, succinctly and immediately and today’s workforce is a diversified stream of multiple timetables, payrolls, shifts. Probable, possible, full-time, and part-time human talent aren’t easy to find. Staffing companies and headhunters are often expensive, necessary options that sometimes leave the hiring employer paying out much more for a service then they intended. A recent article by Joe Kelly of Demand Media () discusses the recent rise in the use of Contingent Staffing and many of the variables involved in finding the right staff for your project management needs:

  • Location of staff versus the management need
  • The nature of the contingency (strike, short-term project, etc),
  • Staff maintenance and integration.

The Innovia Group is here to help.

We will give you the qualified consultants you need with the added benefits that you deserve. As your human resources partner, we will help you build a strong team tailored to your project management requirements. We get the candidates, you get the final say on potential hires. Let us work for you so that you can do what you best!

And since recruiting is only part of the package, sifting the multitude to find a few gems to integrate into your streamlined system, The Innovia Group has stripped the contingency staffing process to its bare essentials targeted for cost-effective short and long term performance outcomes (

Need us to take on more of the load?

We can direct all human resource services and IRS and Health Care Reform (ACA) requirements; hire your workforce as Innovia employees and offer full benefit packages to ensure long-term satisfaction and high performance that adheres to IRS and Health Care Reform (ACA) requirements, and much more! For a complete list of services please see ( )

You are who you hire and quality is a commodity. In a changing work landscape, it is good to have a company that navigates this tech-savvy landscape with a global and virtual reach. Business happens everywhere at any time. The world is flat. If your big business problem exceeds your budget, then we can help!

Innovia Consulting Group: On A Mission To Do Good

The Innovia Group is a Workforce and technology solutions provider with the goal of bringing sophisticated solutions to budgets of all sizes and doing some good along the way. We’ve had success in various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, education, and government.

We deliver IT solutions from start to finish. We recruit the best and brightest, create powerful teams, and develop products when needed.

We look for opportunities to work on complex problems because we like the challenge. We are more interested in finding engaging work than we are in applying cookie-cutter solutions. We look for ways to spur innovation and bring some really cool solutions to market. And we’re more interested in the end-goal of a project—and whether it’s doing good—than we are in budget size.

We lead from our shared vision and values to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our mission is clear, to strengthen organizations and communities by promoting “innovation through diversity”, education, and job creation. And we don’t mean diversity of race, creed, sexual orientation, or cultural background—we mean diversity in the way people think. Experience has taught us that when you get a group of different thinkers focused on one solution, some truly amazing things happen.

We put our trust in the smart people we employ and create an environment where they can thrive and delight our customers. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging our employees to make mistakes, and then celebrate and share them to learn from failure. We make it very clear that mistakes are part of the learning process, and also part of the path to success.

At the end of the day, we aim to do good through our work, our people, and our client relationships.

The Innovia Group has offices in Kathmandu Nepal and Brooklyn NY. Its global infrastructure and delivery system provide contingent staffing, software product development, quality assurance, and SaaS product hosting for clients in education, government, healthcare, shipping, retail, and more.